The HeartDay project focuses on strengthening the practical skills of primary school teachers to work with pupils with special educational needs (especially pupils from different cultural backgrounds). The purpose of the project is to provide teachers with long-term support for the inclusion of these children in education.

Project activities

Support for teachers consists of several activities to strengthen their practical skills and theoretical knowledge for inclusion in the classroom environment.


A one-day morning programme of physical and educational activities aimed at deepening relationships and cooperation between disadvantaged groups of pupils and their classmates.

Support from experts

Long-term monitoring of the involved schools and related support of experts (psychologist, special educator) in dealing with situations related to the inclusion of disadvantaged pupils.

Seminars and workshops

Theoretical seminars and practical workshops led by representatives of Norwegian partner schools on the integration of different cultural groups of pupils into education.

Interactive programmes

Preparatory practical workshops for the class and the teacher led by a partner from Association D focused on the inclusion of disadvantaged groups of pupils into the collective.

Benefit for schools

Involvement in the project can have a positive impact for schools in several areas.

Increasing teachers' competences

Teachers will learn to work better with pupils with special educational needs, especially from different cultures, and integrate them into their classrooms.

Getting expert support and advice

A team of psychologists and special educators will help teachers cope with inclusion-related situations in school environment.

Sharing knowledge and experience

Teachers will gain inspiration for working with disadvantaged pupils from teachers of other primary schools in the Czech Republic and also in Norway.

Improving the climate in classes

Through a set of group activities and an interactive workshop, we will deepen cooperation and relationships among the pupils in the class.

Improving the quality of education

Thanks to the increased competences of teachers, the school will be able to provide pupils with a better quality education with regard to their needs.

Strengthening the integration of pupils

We will enable schools to eliminate barriers to inclusive education and better integrate disadvantaged pupils into the school environment.

Project outputs

In total, the project will involve 24 classes from 12 primary schools in the Olomouc region (2 classes / 1 school), 24 teachers and about 500 pupils (on average 21 pupils / 1 class). One class will attend one HeartDay. In terms of dissemination events, a total of 3 theoretical seminars and theoretical-practical workshops (4 schools / 1 workshop) and 24 preparatory practical workshops (1 class / 1 workshop) will be implemented. As a result of the implementation of these activities, a good practice methodology will be developed.

The activities also include 2 visits of the applicant to the Norwegian partners and 1 visit of each of the Norwegian partners to the applicant's institution. At the end of the project a final conference will be held to share the project outputs.

Project financing

The project is financed by the EEA Grants 2014-2021 under the Education Programme and its implementation will take place from 1.8.2021 to 31.7.2023 (24 months).

With the cooperation of partners