Helping to integrate Ukrainian children into schools

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of children who found themselves in a new country, without their family and friends. Their integration into a new environment, especially in the context of education, has proved to be a priority issue to address. That is why we decided to help with the HeartDay project.

Signing of Memoranda of Cooperation

Within the HeartDay project, we successfully established cooperation with primary schools from the Olomouc region. Which schools decided to join the project?

Implementation of the HeartDays at the Fort of Science (Multiplier Event 5 + Intellectual Output 3)

We have had four morning meetings for primary school pupils from the Olomouc region and their new Ukrainian classmates. Take a look back with us at what it was like at HeartDays.

Visit to Norwegian partner - Lorenskog (Transnational teaching 2)

We visited one of our Norwegian partners - Lorenskog upper secondary school. We spent a week in Norway and took away a lot of interesting knowledge from the field of inclusive practice.

Visit to Norwegian partner - Sofienberg (Transnational teaching 1)

During September, we visited the second of our Norwegian partners, which is Sofienberg school in Oslo. We took away a lot of interesting knowledge and information from this visit, not only in the field of inclusion and integration of refugees, but also social work at schools in Norway.

Theoretical seminars and practical workshops - visit of Norwegian partners in CZ (Multiplier Event 2 + Transnational teaching 3 a 4)

During the month of November, our Norwegian partners - Lorenskog and Sofienberg school - visited us in the Czech Republic. The visit also included theoretical seminars, practical workshops and discussions with primary school teachers in the Olomouc region. How did the events go?

Longitudinal monitoring of schools and professional support (Intellectual Output 1)

Today we completed one of the core activities of the project, which was the longitudinal monitoring of the participating schools. It included several rounds of semi-structured interviews with school principals and teachers, as well as observations and personal consultations.

Preparatory practical workshops for classes and teachers led by Association D (Multiplier Event 4 + Intellectual Output 2)

From November 2022 until May 2023, through our partner Association D, we implemented preparatory practical workshops / interactive experiential programmes for a total of 24 classes from 12 participating schools with the aim of deepening relationships between pupils.

Final project conference (Multiplier Event 6)

As part of the closure of the HeartDay project, we organized a final conference at our faculty, where we presented the main project outputs. Members of the project team, experts in the field of inclusion of pupils with SEN (NPI) and representatives of partners spoke at the conference.

Methodology of good practice (Intellectual Output 4)

We present to you the main project output in the form of a good practice methodology. This methodology is a summary of all knowledge gained across the implementation of project activities. Members of the expert project team participated in the creation of the methodology with the contribution of the project partners.