Signing of Memoranda of Cooperation


Today, we have successfully established cooperation with primary schools from the Olomouc Region that have expressed interest in joining the HeartDay project. In total, 13 schools will take part in the project - one more than originally estimated. These schools were presented with the possibility of providing long-term support to teachers in integrating Ukrainian pupils into their school environment (see project activities). A memorandum of cooperation was concluded with each of the schools.

List of schools

  • ZŠ Stupkova Olomouc
  • ZŠ Hněvotín
  • ZŠ Slatinice
  • ZŠ sv. Voršily Olomouc
  • ZŠ Struhlovsko Hranice na Moravě
  • ZŠ 1.máje Hranice na Moravě
  • ZŠ Holečkova Olomouc
  • ZŠ 8.května Olomouc
  • ZŠ a MŠ Hranice na Moravě, p.o. Drahotuše
  • ZŠ Řezníčkova Olomouc
  • ZŠ Heyrovského Olomouc
  • ZŠ Čajkovského
  • ZŠ Rooseveltova Olomouc

Our expert team is currently starting to conduct research interviews with school principals to clarify the current state of affairs in schools regarding the integration of Ukrainian children and to identify the needs of teachers. Based on these findings, the specific content of further project activities will then be planned.