Visit to Norwegian partner - Sofienberg


Between September 19th, 2022 and September 23rd, 2022, three of our project team members (Lukáš Hodis, Evžen Weigl and Lucie Nepožitková) took part in a week-long visit to the Norwegian project partner - Sofienberg school.

The visit included a tour of the school and school facilities, a discussion with school representatives (teachers, social workers) and several hearings in classes focused on language education (Norwegian, English).

The primary goal of the visit was mutual exchange of knowledge, experience and approaches to the education of students from different cultures. The so-called social teams, which are located in the school premises and act as a link between pupils and teachers, play a crucial role in the education of pupils at the Sofienberg school. Our intention was therefore to perceive as many inspiration as possible, which is also transferable to the school environment in the Czech Republic and can help teachers in their inclusive efforts. We processed the knowledge gained in the form of a short summary report, which will be one of the bases of the resulting methodology of good practice.

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